I've made no secret for my love of the Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece line of collectible figurines in the past. So, when I discovered that they were having an exhibition event in Tokyo, I immediately set about finding some way to go.

Well, it turned out that while the exhibition itself would be from Saturday, a press event was being held beforehand to which I managed to weasel out an invite to. Camera in tow, I went to Harajuku to see what Hot Toys had prepared, and it was everything I'd hoped for and more.

Iron Man 300%: The Exhibition is a showcase celebrating the recent release of the Iron Man 3 blu-ray in Japan and Hot Toys managed to pull out all the stops. On display are all the Iron Man related Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece figures released to date, and several that have yet to be released (or even officially announced). The entire hall was pretty much a cornucopia of WANT.

One of the coolest pieces on display was a hologram projector overlaying a Tony Stark figure on one side that showed the different armors that appear in the movie. On the opposite side was the Mark 7 armor from The Avengers and a bunch of tactical readouts for it. Seriously, I probably spent something like 15 whole minutes just staring at this.

Hot Toys also has 4 teased-but-as-of-yet-not-officially-announced figures on display: The Mark 38 "Igor" Heavy-Lifting Suit, the Mark 39 "Gemini" Suborbital Suit, the Whiplash Mark 2 from Iron Man 2, and a Chitauri footsoldier from The Avengers (I couldn't get a decent picture of the Chitauri due to reflections on the glass case).

Beyond the official figures hall, there is a collection of unofficial Iron Man armor variations designed by noted actors and celebrities.

In another hall, the full scale Hall of Armor replica, the lounge furniture from Tony Stark's home that was used in the movie, as well as an Audi R8 Spyder fitted with Tony Stark's custom license plates from Iron Man 3.


Edit: The car on display was an Audi R8, not an R8 Spyder. Still pretty damn slick, though.

Iron Man 300%: The Exhibition will be open to the public from September 14th to the 23rd. If you're visiting Japan for TGS, swing on by Harajuku to check it out. Entry is free and everything they have on display is damn awesome. Also, rumor has it that something extra special may be planned for the public days...

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