The Honest Game Trailer For Minecraft, AKA MineLegos

"From Notch, Sweden's biggest one-hit wonder since Peter Bjorn and John comes a game like no other — unless you count LEGOs, Lincoln Logs, Mega Bloks, K'nex, Erector sets or playing outside."


Smosh Games returns with another brutally honest video game trailer, this time taking on Mojang's famous block-builder.

It's the end of the video that gets me — the "starring" bits. Because that's exactly what Minecraft is to me — my dinky little shelters compared to the magnificent creations of people with a whole lot more time on their hands.

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This game is all my little sister does. I constantly find her on the multiplayer servers cultivating cocoa beans to sell for ingame money to buy ingame crap with that you can just harvest yourself in Adventure mode.

She once tried exclaiming to me how she had almost filled 16 double chests with full stacks of Eggs. I told her it was a waste of time and she asked how.

HOW THE HELL NOT!? I wonder how many other children are having their imaginations stunted or ruined by this outdoors/creativity supplement.

I used to have all sorts of fun in Minecraft building things with my friends, but it has taken on a very different vibe in the last couple of years and now disgusts me to see so much time and energy put into it. Almost as frustrating as the Potato Salad kickstarter.