The History Of Harvest Moon, Gaming's Most Entertaining Farming Sim

I was worried about posting Did You Know Gaming's piece on Harvest Moon on this fine spring day, knowing you'd all be busy planting crops and courting. I decided to take a chance, because that's what virtual farming is all about (or not).

Fun fact: I have purchased every Harvest Moon game (including the Rune Factory series) that has been released in the U.S. since the first game was released back in 1997.

Second fun fact: I have never played any Harvest Moon game for more than ten hours in total, most less than five.


I love the idea of the Harvest Moon series. I love the dating and marriage aspects. I love planting crops and building up a farm. I love the art direction. I love everything about the games, except playing them for any extended period of time. Maybe I don't have the patience, or I am just easily distracted. All I know is one day my children are going to get their hands on one hell of a collection. Maybe they'll actually play them.

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I absolutely love Harvest Moon and I recommend some of the games to pretty much anyone. I believe even the most hardcore of hardcore can sit down and enjoy these. Some might think they're casual and some kids games at first glance, but if you get down in the nitty gritty details of the crops, animal raising and marriage aspect, some of the games are like insanely deep.

I'll forever have fond memories of wasting months of my life playing Harvest Moon 64 and HM on the Ps1. I haven't played any of the recent games like on the Wii or DS but I still go back and play the one on my GBA emulator and Ps1.

Now, best girl discussions. Go. I don't care which game, just name Harvest Moon best girl and go.