If you were a video game reporter in New York, you'd know who the Hip Hop Gamer is. He's the guy who walks around with a WWE Championship belt—except, he makes his interviewees wear the belt while he's talking to them. (Hey, I've done it! I've just declined his offers to rap with him!)

The man isn't just the city's most enthusiastic game reporter, he also appears to be one of this year's go-to soundtrack guys. He's got a song in the new Twisted Metal, and here he is rapping a song for Prototype 2 that will be in the game.


Congrats, Hip Hop! But I prefer the a capella version.

Update: A spokesperson for Prototype 2 bears some bad news. As much as the developers of the game liked the song, they were unable to get it into the game. At least HHG's got Twisted Metal!

Prototype 2: Official Theme Song Is Here " WELCOME TO NYZ " Performed By HipHopGamer [YouTube]

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