Oh, the lengths we go to be beautiful—not frightening. Beautiful.

This is an official Hello Kitty beauty mask. In Japanese, it's called "Hello Kitty Narikiri Facepack" (HELLO KITTY なりきりフェイスパック) with "narikiri" (なりきり) meaning "to turn into completely." Makes sense.

According to Livedoor News, the beauty mask has skin care supplements like hyaluronic acid and collagen and comes in three different scents: cherry blossom, rose, and lavender. There's nothing scary about that!

[Photo: Gotochi Kitty]

There is something scented, though.

あなたのお顔に赤いリボンとヒゲが ハローキティのなりきりフェイスパック発売 [Livedoor News]

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