The Hearthstone open beta is live. If you'd like to take Blizzard's new card game out for a spin, now's your chance—download the free open beta here, and find more info here.



"Open beta with a functional cash shop" i.e. launched.

I really hate the misuse of the "open beta" term, and the existence of the "soft launch" term. If you are letting anyone who registers into your game and are accepting their money through a cash shop, your game is launched. Using the terms "open beta" or "soft launch" at that point are just a way for them to have a fallback excuse in case anything fucks up.

Game breaking bug? Oh, it's open beta, it happens. Huge balance problems? Still in open beta, we'll fix it. Service is interrupted for an extended period of time? Hey, it's open beta, shit happens.

No, fuckwits. You're accepting our money with a functional cash shop, you lose any right to call your game a beta, especially if you have the kind of money Blizzard does.

Sorry, this just really pisses me off.