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The Harley Quinn's Revenge Trailer Features Boobs, "B**ch" and a Little Bit of Batman

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The trailer for the next Arkham City DLC harley Quinn's Revenge starts out about how you'd expect—with lots of hot (or, "hot") close-ups of our favorite ICP groupie Harley Quinn walking slowly away from the camera.

It then shows the new style she'll presumably be rocking in the downloadable add-on. I like what you've done with your hair, Harley! Also, Batman's in it for like 1.3 seconds.

As Evan already reported, the add-on will feature a chunk of new single-player content that will let players take on the role of Batman and Robin in a quest to shut the gates of Arkham City forever.


Awesomely, the trailer also sneaks in a "bitch" reference, since we know how those Arkham City folks love that word!


Seriously though, I've recently been playing Arkham City's wicked-fun/challenging new game+, and I'm looking forward to getting more story missions to play in the game. The DLC will be included in the "game of the year" edition of Arkham City on May 29th, and as DLC on May 30th.