The Guy With The Highest Steam Level

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PalmDesert is something of a legend on Steam. His Steam level just hit 600, making it the highest ever.


It’s so high, in fact, that Valve hasn’t even made a special graphic for it yet. Right now, it’s just a plain old number, not unlike what a new Steam user would have. His closest competitor? A user named The Stranger, whose level is a comparatively paltry 528. The two of them included, there are only five people on Earth whose Steam levels have exceeded 500.

A person’s Steam level stems from experience points collected by owning games, participating in events, and crafting Steam badges from trading cards that come from games. It can be an expensive habit, something Steam’s more cynical users think Valve was banking on when they designed the system. In turn, higher Steam levels earn you things like friend slots and the ability to showcase things (items, favorite games, achievements, etc) on your profile. It also ups your chances of getting things like coupons.


PalmDesert’s profile is bristling with showcases, but it’s sparse of details, not unlike a uh, um... oh well, I guess there’s no word for it. Basically, though, he’s a dude from Japan who likes music, horror movies, and of course, video games. He likes video games a lot. As of now, he has over 3,000 games in his profile. The total value of his account—badges, items, and the like included—comes out to $34,180, according to SteamDB’s estimates. He also has tons of friends, many of whom are congratulating him on once again pushing the Steam level system to new heights.

Illustration for article titled The Guy With The Highest Steam Level

PalmDesert’s status as Steam-est Steam user is hardly new. He’s been either on top of the Steam level ladder or close to it since very close to the Steam level system’s inception in 2013, which is pretty astounding. Maybe one day he’ll fall from the top of the mountain, but right now he’s head and shoulders (and maybe a second mountain resting beneath the first one and definitely a palm tree) above the rest.

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