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The Guy Who Made The New XCOM Meets The Guy Who Made The First X-COM

This is pretty cool: Last week during the Game Developers Conference, Jake Solomon, designer of last year's XCOM: Enemy Unknown sat down with host Adam Sessler to chat with Julian Gollop, designer of 1994's X-COM: UFO Defense.


So, the designer of Kotaku's 2012 game of the year talks with the man who made the original. Cool.

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Will watch this in a bit and actually excited about watching it (love the xcom games).

But first, since it annoys me: Unless it is an indy game actually made by 1 person, could you Kotaku fellas please stop saying things like "the guy who made the new.."?

Like come on, you know how many work on such large games? Doesn't it come off as sorta depressing to all of those when one puts it as if that one guy made it alone?

Sure, in leading role he sure had a lot of impact in the game's direction and we know what you mean etc, but still.

Dunno, up to now i always only worked on games in small teams and even then i always watch out to put it clearly who worked on what or in other way make it clear it was a team effort where it was, it just always makes me said when i see such things where like over 100 people seem to get robbed of their credit in a sentence like that (and the author likely not even meaning any harm, but yeah).