Perhaps a mere picture of the Guild Wars 2 collector's edition wasn't enough for you. Perhaps early access and name reservation isn't your thing. No, that's not it. You just haven't seen it in video form with a dramatic score. Prepare yourself.

Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase begins tomorrow, giving gamers all around the world (well, Europe and the U.S.) a chance to officially pick their pre-release poison. This handsome collector's edition is one of the offerings going up on the block, packed with $50 worth of game and another $99 in sexy swag you'll cherish until eventually tossing it into a box or trying to offload it on eBay. "GUILD WARS 2 COLLECTORS RYTLOCK FIGURE RARE" your auction will say, and you'll be humming the tune from the video as you post it.

You will get $15 for it.