Earlier this year Splash Damage character artist Jon Fletcher crafted a magnificently twisted take on Mario for Polycount's Brawl contest. Now he gives us his twisted take on Mario's lanky brother and a splash screen for a game we'll never play but desperately want to.

With a full 3D model of large and in charge Mario in place, Fletcher set about giving the portly plumber someone to play with. Enter Luigi, long, lean, and ready to get down to business with his half-unzipped fly and ghost-busting vacuum cleaner strapped to his back. Together the dynamic duo is ready to take down the evil forces of Bowser Petroleum once and for all.

I'll be playing this in my dreams tonight, Mr. Fletcher. While our readers busy themselves visiting the Polycount link below to see how your work progressed over the past months, I'll be desperately trying to move Mario's massive ass through a tiny sewer pipe, while Luigi sits in the corner and cries.

Luigi W.I.P. [Polycount — Thanks, TJ!]

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