The Great Xbox 360 Robbery

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Last Sunday, the city of Mississauga in Southern Ontario, Canada was the scene of a mass Xbox 360 theft.


A truck carrying over 1,300 Xbox 360 consoles was stolen from a trailer yard at 4 AM. The total value ballparks at around US$670,000.

According to police, four or five suspects in dark clothing stole a black 16-metre 2007 Air-Ride trailer, with the Ontario licence plate C11-47X and trailer identification number 55334.


The suspects attacked a security guard who had his hands and feet bound together and was left under a parked trailer. The security guard is expected to make a full recovery.

1,300 Xbox gaming consoles stolen in Mississauga [The Star Thanks, Spot778!]

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i'm sure there was a container list containing serial numbers of all the units on the truck, so it's gonna be kind of hard to sell them on sites such as ebay, and microsoft could also check for serial numbers as each unit logs onto live.