The Gorgeous Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Will Let Your Wii U Talk To Your 3DS

When I watched this trailer for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which Capcom is bringing both to Wii U and 3DS this March, I had two main takeaways:

1) Holy crap, this is gorgeous! Monster Hunter has never really become the explosive force here in America that it is in Japan, but maybe a game that looks this good will build up some steam in the U.S.


2) You can share saves between Wii U and 3DS! Wait, what? This is the first time we've seen some sort of Wii U-3DS connectivity deal, and the fact that a third-party game like Monster Hunter supports it is a very good sign. Very cool stuff.

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Quite honestly, I think Twilight Princess or Shadows of the Colossus looks better than the Wii U version of this. :/ Gorgeous to me is The Witcher 2, Battlefield 3, Forza. This isn't quite there.