The Golden Age Of Sierra On-Line's 'Big Box' PC Games

Complete In Box is finally tackling a much-requested topic: The classic games of Sierra On-Line, one of the 80s’ and 90s’ most popular publishers of “big box” PC games. And to do it right, we teamed up with one of the best-known collectors of classic PC games, Metal Jesus.

Known as “Jason” to his friends, Metal Jesus runs a popular YouTube channel that’s home to lots of discussion about that wonderful era when PC games came in massive coffins of cardboard, the bigger the better. Jason even has some insider knowledge about this era, given that he worked for Sierra.


For our meet-up in Seattle’s famous Pink Gorilla retro games store, I knew I had to bring some games that would impress even the Metal Jesus himself. So I came prepared with my original editions of Sierra’s The Dark Crystal and King’s Quest. Jason brought his beautiful copy of the classic Space Quest III and a game that means a lot to him personally, Betrayal at Krondor.

As we go through each game in chronological order, we find out what made Sierra so special.


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Sierra helped prove that PC gaming could be just as special and worth getting into as console and arcade gaming. And likely helped PC’s gain a foothold when they were huge imposing boxes that cost some serious money. I didn’t really get my first home PC until long after Sierra was gone, or on it’s way out, but I had friends who parents made the dive and man oh man, that was some good stuff.

My favorite was the Kings Quest series, as it helped teach problem solving and critical thinking, back during a time where if you died, it was all the way back to the beginning with only what you learned to advance forward and hopefully not die again.