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The Godslayer Rises On May 11

Illustration for article titled The Godslayer Rises On May 11

After two years of tweaking the main game, Funcom has nailed down a May 11 release date for Rise of the Godslayer, the first full expansion pack for massively-multiplayer online role playing game Age of Conan.


Age of Conan's early start went live on May 17, 2008, and it's come quite a long way in the past two years. Launching without much of the promised content in place, the game seemed destined for failure. A change of game directors brought new life and new direction to the game, however, and it's managed to maintain a healthy, loyal following.


Players who've stuck with the MMO are now rewarded with the game's first full expansion, Rise of the Godslayer, dropping on May 11, just a few day's short of the game's second anniversary. Set in the mythical land of Khitai, the expansion adds new lands, new quests, and a new playable race. On top of those expected changes, the expansion also does things that MMOs have never done before, including using emotes to solve puzzles.

The expansion will be available as a retail release and a digital download. Fans who preorder will be the first to try out another new addition, the fighting in-game pet, taking the cosmetic pets of games like World of Warcraft to the next level.

There was a point I was sure Age of Conan wouldn't make it one year, let alone two. It's nice to be wrong.


For more information, visit the Age of Conan website.

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I'm gonna give this a try, I always thought this game was kinda fun because it was different from your "spam F1 key till bad guy dies" like it is in wow or most MMOs. But then again this comes out like a week after classes end for me and I don't got shit to do.