Daedric Prince Molag Bal, is the Cobra Commander of Tamriel, always trying to enslave the souls of the world to his will, always going about it the wrong way. He's the god of schemes, after all โ€” not the god of carefully crafted plans.

For instance, there's an ancient prophecy in the Elder Scrolls that says Molag Bal's plans will be thwarted by the Soulless One. One would think that removing souls from people would be off the menu at that point, but no.

One can't help but wonder what other wacky schemes Molag Bal has hatched in the past. "Lure souls to a petting zoo? But Sire, you're allergic to wool!" Oh that Molag Bal.

Find out more about Molag Bal's Elder Scrolls Online schemes and his plan to merge Tamriel with his home of Coldharbour over at the Bethesda Blog.

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