The Glory Days of SquareSoft (*Not* Square Enix) Recaptured in Rap

Remember the glory days of SquareSoft, when the role-playing giant could seemingly do no wrong? Richie Branson does, and he's got a little song about it. Want to hear it? Here goes.


Branson's letter to SquareSoft is riddled with suggestions on what franchises he wants to see resurrected, and what character crossovers would have fans throwing money in Square's face. He echoes a lot of what we already hear all over the Internet: bring back Final Fantasy VII, make a legitimate Chrono Trigger sequel, we love Secret of Mana. And he'll be damned if he's going to call the publisher by their proper name, Square Enix.

His suggestions get a little crazy (mainly in the name of rhyme — Sega does go well with Vega), but it's all about nostalgia and love. I'm right there with him.


Richie Branson - Letter To SquareSoft [YouTube]

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No, we don't need to remake VII.

Stop fukkin' whining about VII.

That's nostalgia talking. Nostalgia is a tricky mistress. We don't need Squeenix to go back to remaking stuff or forcing sequels on things. They need to stop creating games where every main character is the main character.

Final Fantasy went weird as soon as they stopped giving the game ONE main character. They've had this idea in their minds since XII that every character needs to be involved so in the end you don't give a crap about any of them, like XIII.

Also, please, someone, tell them that we don't want action RPGs, we're quite happy with turn-based RPGs. To those that argue that they're old-fashioned, go play Lost Odyssey and tell me it isn't a great, mature, next-gen JRPG.