The Girl Who Fell In Love With Resident Evil

Meet Laura. She likes Resident Evil. A lot. And she's got an amazing collection of Resident Evil stuff to prove it.


Her room is a Resident Evil shrine, complete with games, books, figures, posters, clothes, replica guns - you name it.

In fact, the only things that are not Resident Evil in her room seem to be her bed, her desk, her bookshelf and her dresser.


"Resident Evil was the first game I played that was not Mario or Spyro," she tells Kotaku. "It took me a while to play, for me being so young, but I was in love with it." For Laura, the game completely immersed her in an inescapable, frightening world.

She didn't plan to start her RE collection - which continues to grow. It just kind of happened. "I started off buying things that came out in stores that I could, at the time, afford to buy," says Laura. That is, until she discovered online retailers packed to the gills with Resident Evil goodies. Then, she says, she went crazy.

Check out Laura's site.

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The fact that she looks cute is just the icing on the cake.