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The Girl At The Video Game Store Might Be There To Rob It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Just because she's a female shopping by herself in at a major video game retailer doesn't mean she's shopping for her boyfriend. This is the 21st century. She might also be there to rob the place.

A lone woman entered a GameStop in San Antonio, Texas, on Sunday evening, looking like any normal video game store customer, at least until the store employees started to close up shop for the night. That's when the woman pulled a pistol, let her accomplice into the store, and robbed the place blind.

After securing the two store employees with twist ties, this young woman and her accomplice filled black plastic trash bags with money and games before fleeing the scene.


Other shopkeepers in the area suspect the pair might be the same ones that robbed the GameStop in November of last year.

But really the story here is about stereotypes. Women play games. Women work at video game stores. Women also rob video game stores. Deal with it.


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