Illustration for article titled The Gene Simmons Axe - Make Up, Tongue Prosthetic And Attitude To Women Not Included

Just.. wow. Yes. Approved. Ok, technically Simmons is a bass player - but who in the hell cares when you can own this? The Gene Simmons Axe Guitar features 'ultra-responsive frets' and an 'analog whammy bar' but fuck all that - this is a guitar shaped like a battleaxe as used by the guy from Kiss with the tongue and the big face who was in that film with Magnum and the killer robots. You know the one. This beauty is compatible with Rock Band and Guitar Hero and seems to feature Simmons' signature as well as a representation of his greasepainted mug, so one would assume it is an official Simmons Product. Santa, I hope you are reading this and can take a hint. Gene Simmons Axe Guitar

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