As the American economy continues to crater, the valve of the dollar has dropped. While we have misty-eyed memories of a time when it was 135 yen to the dollar, it's currently about 100 yen to the dollar. Spotted at a Tokyo retro game shop, the pictured sign seems directed at tourists and reads:

APPRECIATION OF YEN AMENDS SALE used only 10 percent discount The foreigner discounts 10 percent with the cash register. Please buy it in the all-time low. It is when presentation of ID is nessary.

Crap English and bad machine translation aside, this is a rather interesting idea. The shop seems to recognizes that many foreign visitors do look for good deals on retro game items while in Japan. According to Game|Life's Chris Kohler, the shop didn't ask him for any identification, which could mean foreign residents getting paid in yen could get a discount as well. Not bad, not bad at all. Tokyo Retro Store Offers 'Foreigner Discount' [Game|Life]