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The Future of Xbox 360's 1 Vs. 100 Remains Unclear

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When Microsoft brought television game show 1 Vs. 100 to the world of Xbox Live it was heralded as the first step toward transforming the Xbox 360's online service into an entertainment channel of its own.

The first two seasons of the were very different than what video game players were used to seeing on their consoles. It featured a trivia quiz show that filled all the seats, more than 100 of them, with real Xbox Live gamers, and rewarded the luckiest and smartest of them with real prizes.


The show was so successful that Microsoft even began talking about trying out more "programming" for Xbox Live. But the show's video game future now appears to be cloudy.


Season 2 of 1 vs 100 began on Nov. 19, 2009 and has since wrapped up with no word on when or if a third season for the show will be coming to Xbox Live. Questions in the show's forums on also appear to have gone unanswered.

When we asked Microsoft about the future of Season 3 for the show a spokesman told us that they "don't have anything to share on 1 vs. 100 Season 3 at this time."


We also asked funny man and the voice of 1 Vs. 100, Chris Cashman, about the next season of the popular video game show. We figured if anyone would know, the guy who asks all the questions would.

Here's his, I believe, tongue-in-cheek answer:


Wish I had some definitive news but I too am on hold. Nothing official has been announced yet so I just sit by the phone. Day and night. Sorta pathetic. Haven't even shaved in 6 months.


no word yet.


Some other folks at Microsoft have promised to do some digging on our behalf. We'll let you know as soon as we can squeeze even a single fact out of this growing question.