Apologies for getting a little inside baseball here, but I figured it was worth it. Games writer Taylor Cocke has started up a site called Fuck This Stupid Game, where notes taken while reviewing (or previewing) video games are displayed in blessed isolation.

I'm sharing them here because I feel his pain. I'll never say that reviewing games is a shitty job—it's not even a major part of my role here—but it can sometimes be a trying one. That's why many people in the trade take notes, to help them record their thoughts on standout moments in a game so they can be referenced 10-20 hours later when your memory may have faded.

Sometimes those are useful! Other times you look down at a page and all you see is the word BULLSHIT scrawled densely for three pages (which was the majority of my notes for Bionic Commando Rearmed). Cocke's excerpts are more of the latter.

They're a little NSFW, though, so maybe check back later if the boss/kids are around.


Fuck This Stupid Game [Tumblr]