The Free Heroes & Heralds Mode Comes to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Today

Illustration for article titled The Free Heroes  Heralds Mode Comes to emUltimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3/em Today

Hey, it's a fighting game update that you don't have to pay for! From Capcom, no less! For those who purchased Capcom's updated worlds-collide fighting game, the publisher's adding a whole new mode to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, free of charge. Heroes and Heralds adds a collectible card game system to UMvC3 that tweaks character attributes to add abilities like, say, projectile invincibility. Players will also be able to form clans as well for online battles. There are over 100 cards in H&H mode so, if you choose to participate in the add-on, you'll find a ton of variations. And if you're a fighting game purist, of course, you don't have to mess around with the cosmically enhanced cards. Heroes and Heralds is strictly optional.


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Magneto alt is never coming out. Doesn't sound like they're making a replacement either.

Also you can't play H&H with friends online. I has a sad. You can set it up sorta in training mode to play with friends offline except I have no real friends. Forever alone and all that.