MATHMATICAL! -Game Informer executive editor Andrew Reiner explains via a picture on Twitter how he figured out his Skyrim score.

Here's the Tube Terror in Modern Warfare 3 That's Freaking Out the Brits

Depictions of terrorist attacks on London's Tube are just one of the ways military shooter Call of Duty courts controversy in this year's blockbuster Modern Warfare 3 game.
Decried for being in "incredibly bad taste" by the UK's Mediawatch campaign, the Call of Duty series has for years depicted... More »


This is Super Mario 3D Land's Zelda Tribute Level, 5-2

The new Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS celebrates the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda with a tribute level.
The Nintendo creators working on the game showed a glimpse of the level in June. More »


Which of These 27 Gamer Classifications Do You Fall Under?

In today's extremely lengthy yet entertaining edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Nightram details 27 different types of gamers he's observed over the years, and wonders where you fall in the list. More »


Watch Skyrim's Masterful Movements in This New Video

The latest in Bethesda's making-of videos for Skyrim show off how the game's animation brings its various races and creatures to life. It's one thing to mo-cap humans but how does one imagine the movements of a giant dragon? More »


The Problem with War Video Games

On Monday night I attended a Modern Warfare 3 launch party at a national video game retailer. I was particularly pleased with the diversity of the crowd. More »

The History of Call of Duty in 45 Minutes

As with Battlefield, Call of Duty has a long history of games. The first in the series came out back in 2003.
This excellent video from GamerSpawn takes us from that first Call of Duty, through the launch of Modern Warfare up to this month's release of Call of Duty: More »



Super Mario 3D Land Has Game Reviewers Loving the Extra Dimension

Up until now the best first-party Nintendo game on the 3DS was a remake of a 13-year-old Zelda game. If anyone can steal Link's place at the top of the charts, it's a fat Italian plumber. More »

Take the Black in the First Screens from the Game of Thrones Action RPG

Winter is coming. A Lannister always pays his debts. Incest kills the little children. Whichever Game of Thrones catchphrases you prefer, it's hard to not get excited about Cyanide Studios' upcoming action role-playing game, especially after seeing the first screens. More »



These Are the Most Interesting New Comic Books This Week, $125 Fantastic Four Included

The most expensive comic collection I'll buy this year is out today, plus a batch of other new comic books that you can buy in shops or (legally!) for download. More »


Video Games Represent Dangerous, Metaphorical Powers in "The Tetris Effect" Short Story

The hardest lesson taught by Tetris is that success isn't infinitely sustainable. Those blocks are going to get unmanageable at some point.
Over at The Awl, video games figure prominently in a new written work by Justin Wolfe. More »


Games Are Art Only When You're Playing Them

The debate continues to rage (or perhaps it is at a smouldering point at the moment) as to whether or not video games are art. In an essay from the book, Halos and Avatars: More »

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