The Force Unleashed Team Unleashed? [Updated]

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Unconfirmed, but word has it that LucasArts just axed the team responsible for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. If this true, this rumor is reminiscent of rumblings we heard earlier this month that once The Force Unleashed ships, LucasArts will pinkslip 100 employees and cease internal development. All of this comes as LucasArts recently saw massive layouts. These latest, rumored layoffs were long-time staffers who had worked on big titles like X-Wing, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango. If The Force Unleashed proves successful, LucasArts might find itself at a disadvantage if it plans on doing the game internally.

Eds Note: We were contacted by a LucasArts staffer who was part of the Force Unleashed team, stating these layoffs mentioned in the original Joystiq post were not recent and that there have been no additional layoffs since what we reported earlier this month.


LucasArts Cuts Hit [Joystiq via CVG]

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Wow, the guys that made Full Throttle were still there? That game was awesome. This was obviously a corporate decision. Is it time to say, we are not buying the game in protest? When Gamespot axed Gerstmann I didn't lay a finger on Kane and Lynch. Plus that game sucked.