The Folks Behind Duke Nukem Forever Want Your Money for a "New" Game

Illustration for article titled The Folks Behind emDuke Nukem Forever/em Want Your Money for a New Game

For years, 3D Realms toiled on Duke Nukem Forever. After the game languished, another studio (Gearbox Software) came in and finished it. Now, 3D Realms is working on a new game. A game it's been working on for a while—and it wants your money to finish it.


The game is Earth No More, a first-person shooter that seems to be inspired by War of the Worlds. Thing is, this title that was originally supposed to be out in 2009, but was later put on ice.


Development on it was hardly smooth, and 3D Realms was actually sued for allegedly stealing the game's concept.

Today, however, 3D Realms is announcing that it's taking Earth No More to crowd funding site Gambitious, which is different from Kickstarter in that investors can buy equity in a project. (Oh, and Eurogamer reports that 3D Realms co-founder Scott Miller is one of the five people on the Gambitious advisory board.)

Still, it sounds like 3D Realms is keen to give the game another go. So if you really like 3D Realms games and are confident that this won't turn into Duke Nukem Forever and Ever, it might be worth checking out the Gambitious site.


3D Realms returns with post-apocalyptic FPS Earth No More on new crowdfunding site Gambitious [Eurogamer]

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Gambitious sounds like how real life works already with the gaming industry, people fund you project and they expect a return. I don't really know how the business world works so idk if that gives them legal right to put input into your game but they should have probably went the kickstarter route. Sure maybe people hate them for that gawd awful duke game but that game was popular enough that they'd probably get the support and they wouldn't have to worry about people expecting money back, just the finished game and a t-shirt maybe.