The Flappy Bird MMO Is Mesmerizing

Flappy Bird may be gone, but that doesn't mean you can't still play it—with hundreds of other people at the same time, to boot.


Introducing FlapMMO! Now you and hundreds of other strangers can fail repeatedly at finagling a bird between a few pipes. Most people don't seem to get past the second set of pipes, but that's okay. It's hilarious to see so many people playing at once—sometimes, there are so many Flappys that you can barely even see where the pipe openings are. There's something poetic about it, almost. A beautiful sea of Flappy Birds. Live on, Flappy Bird. Live on.

Reminds me of the visual chaos of playing Super Meat Boy, after you beat a level—you get to watch all the failed attempts leading up to the successful one.

Anyway! You can even name your Flappy whatever you'd like. I was just playing with someone named "VAGINAAAA" and "CASUAL PRIDE," for example. Ah, internet.

You can play it, too.


Dear Kotaku,

No more Flappy Bird articles.