The First Wii U Bundle Features Monster Hunter 3 and It’s Japan Only

Illustration for article titled The First Wii U Bundle Features emMonster Hunter 3/em and It’s Japan Only

Nintendo of America didn't announce any Wii U bundles in the event they held today to let people know when their new system would be out. But Japanese consumers already know that they'll be getting a launch day bundle that include an installment from Capcom's hit RPG series.


The image above translates roughly to the following:
"This is the Monster Hunter 3 Tri G HD ver. Wii U Premium Set. It comes with the Wii U Premium Set, the Wii U Pro Controller and the Wii U exclusive, Monster Hunter 3 Tri HD."


The bundle will cost 38,850 yen (approximately $500 U.S.) and will be available on December 8th, the Wii U's Japanese launch day. Everyone else around the world will have to wait on any Wii U bundles.

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Europe is getting a black Zombiu bundle at their launch . So they get the first bundle?