And it's a flash game. A UK-based dev is behind Polar Palin, which has players take on the role of a polar bear who's out to blow up oil rigs and campaign military tanks. Says the game's site:

The U.S. recently classified the Alaskan polar bear as a threatened species because of the destruction of its natural habitat. It is predicted that the population of bears could be reduced by two-thirds by the year 2050 due to pollution and global warming. The state of Alaska, led by Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, is to sue the U.S. interior secretary to reverse the decision amid fears that it will hinder oil and gas development.


Trying playing through Polar Palin, but my polar bear got lost somewhere in the ocean. The game's embedded after the jump. Click to view Polar Palin [T-Enterprise via GamePolitics]

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