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The First Round of Creation Club Mods For Fallout 4 Has Power Horse Armor

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Today, Bethesda showed the world what we can expect from the totally-not-paid-mods-that-you-can-still-spend-money-on system, Creation Club. Mostly, the first batch of offerings are disappointing, but hey. Remember Oblivion’s controversial horse armor?

Well, now Fallout has something like it, too:

Gallop your way through the Wasteland in this stylish, sturdy and heavily modified handcrafted Power Horse Armor. Giddyup!


Okay then.

Over at the Bethesda blog, we can see 12 different mods that will soon be available in Fallout 4. To celebrate the launch, Bethesda says they’re giving players 100 credits that they can use toward Creation Club mods and that “additional Credits are available on PSN, Xbox Live and Steam.”


So what do we got? A few mods are just reskins of objects like the Pip-Boy and Power Armor, in colors such as Onyx and Camo. There’s a backpack, a shotgun, and a Gauss Rifle which, while polished, aren’t particularly novel. There’s a modern furniture set. Probably the most impressive mod in the set is the space suit belonging to Morgan from Prey:


On the whole, this showcase is not exciting. Mostly, I am baffled that Bethesda thinks anyone would want to pay for items like these. Not surprising, then, that fans on social media aren’t reacting very well:


Right now, Creation Club is available as a beta on PC and will launch on consoles some time tomorrow.