The U.S. Official PlayStation Magazine has finished putting Capcom's latest survival horror romp through its paces, delivering their final verdict on the eagerly anticipated Resident Evil 5. So how did it fare?

In a massive seven-page review, OPM sings the praises of the latest entry in the epic saga of Resident Evil, paying particularly close attention to the refreshing mix of gameplay styles present, building upon what Capcom did in Resident Evil 4.

"One moment you'll be blasting and hacking away at zombie mobs and face off against some seemingly invincible mini-boss in the midst of town, or you'll be systematically exploring working your way through the dark, claustrophobic confines of a mine of the labyrinth corridors of a secret research complex, experience a brief but hair-raising quick-time event and be back to fighting zombies - but this time racing across the Savannah manning the chain gun on the back of a humvee.


They also praised the game's co-op mode, calling the experience " exactly the type of event you have to share with a buddy."

So what's the final score? A resounding 5 out of 5, starting off what is to become a flood of reviews leading up to the game's release on an extremely positive note, comparing it to playing an Indiana Jones flick. Seriously?

First Resident Evil 5 review in [CVG]

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