The first patches designed to get MW2 map Favela back in the game will be out next week.


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As a Muslim I take offense, not to the fact that this was in the game, but to the fact that its removal is being publicized. Any Muslim MW2 players have silently coped with the problematic texture up until now.

Removing a fairly popular map from a hugely active game like this will just gather more attention and ill-will towards Muslims, and all the while Infinity Ward gets to look like it's done a socially-responsible deed for an oppressed group of its players when in reality it just poorly handled the situation. It should've just been slipped into the game as a small patch or bundled with a future title update, with the official apology in the patch notes.

If you must disagree with me, please at least show me where I can find the massive outcry against this warranting such an urgent/dramatic response. I know a lot more people who'll throw a ****-fit over not being able to play on Favela than I know who were offended. Not even the obnoxiously religious folks I know would be upset over a damn video game bathroom.