The First Minute of Microsoft's New Kinect Game Doesn't Exactly Instill Confidence in the Kinect's Tech

One of Microsoft's big holiday-season Kinect games, Fable: The Journey, came out today. As our reviewer notes, it's not very good, because Microsoft's popular Kinect sensor often fails to properly detect the movement of the player trying to control the game.


It seems that even the people at the Microsoft-owned development studio behind the game are aware that Kinect is finicky. They're pretty much trying to tell the players with the movie that plays when the game begins. Watch it above, and follow their pointers, typed out below for your convenience...

  1. "Try to sit upright and
  2. "..keep your legs uncrossed.
  3. "For best results, place your Kinect sensor in a central position, above or below your TV.
  4. "You may need to sit forward in your seat if it has high arms, a low seat or a soft back.
  5. "Make sure you have enough room to play.
  6. "Try not to sit too close to other people or objects."

Do all that and the Kinect will read you just fine... maybe.

It's no wonder that people who are familiar with Microsoft's next-gen console, codenamed Durango, have expressed a lot of enthusiasm about the company's vastly better Kinect 2 hardware, scheduled to launch with the console next year, as we reported earlier this year. This Kinect just doesn't cut it.



It took me a very long time to finally sample a Kinect, i kept an open mind when it was difficult to do so with all this negativity around. At Eurogamer, i tried Fable for the first time, it was utter dog shite...