The First Doctor Who Console Game Looks Like This

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Okay, so they missed Christmas 2007 by a few months. The Doctor has never exactly been all that timely, ironically enough. Eidos is getting ready to release the first ever Doctor Who console game later this month over in the UK, and while Doctor Who Top Trumps is just an older card game dressed in Doctor Who trappings, it is still significant enough to at least warrant a look-see, if only for the novelty of seeing that PlayStation 2 logo over the television show's. The game is coming out for the PC, PS2, and Nintendo DS, and allows you to play as the Doctor, Martha Jones, fan-favorite Torchwood leader Captain Jack or any number of classic Whovian monsters in adventure mode, two-player head-to-head, or a variety of mini-games. It's licensed drivel really, but sales of this drivel might help determine whether or not we get a real Doctor Who video game somewhere down the line. The game should be in stores on May 16th.

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Top Trumps is a non-collectable card game where you have a deck of cards divided amongst all players, not revealed to anyone.

each player draws the top card of their deck, and the player going first declares a statistic, say...Age, and the person with the highest statistic gets everyone's card, then play continues until one player has all the cards.

The game is a very addicting version of War, and has tons of licenses, like the Simpsons, Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, Dr. Who and many others!

I don't know why the game, however, has the top trumps logo on it....that really wouldn't translate well to a video game.