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​The First And Only English-Language Review Of Super Mario Bros.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

These days it can feel like half the internet is made up of video game reviews. That wasn't always the case—after the video-game crash of the 1980s, there were so few video game publications that one of the most important games of all time was barely reviewed at all.

In the video above, cat-owning video-game historian Frank Cifaldi (last seen trying to run down the actual release date of Super Mario Bros.) takes us through his massive collection of late-20th century video game publications. At around the 3:45 mark, he shares the first and only English-language review of Super Mario Bros. from publication Computer Entertainer / Video Game Update. I like that the reviewer mentions the fact that you can pause the game. Features!


The clip was produced as a promotional short for Outerlands, a new documentary series from a bunch of the people previously behind The 1UP Show. They're currently running a Kickstarter to fund their first run of shows—if you like this kind of thing, it's worth heading over and checking out their pitch.