The First Alan Wake Add-On Is Free, But The Flashlight Will Cost You

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Microsoft reveals that a free token good towards the download of the first add-on for supernatural thriller Alan Wake will come packed in every new copy of the game, which should offset the price of the official Alan Wake flashlight.


Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake is nearly upon us, and Microsoft is making a big push to make sure everyone is aware of its coming, going as far as to commission an episodic live-action TV series.

Today the pot is sweetened with news that every new copy of Alan Wake comes with a token that will allow players to download the first game add-on for free when it becomes available later this year. This is great news for those eagerly anticipating the game's release, though not so great for those planning on picking up the title used.

Microsoft is so sure of Alan Wake's success that they've even launched the officiall Alan Wake store, where North American and European fans can stock up on goodies like t-shirts, posters, hoodies, laptop bags, and of course, the official Alan Wake logo flashlight. $45 seems a bit much for a triple LED flashlight with a game logo printed on it, but once you play the game you'll quickly come to how priceless a portable light source really is.

Oh, and batteries are not included. Figures.


"Oh, and batteries are not included. Figures."

Indeed! Supplying batteries with the main products is a standard these days, and a comfortable one, yet this also leaves room for us using our own preferred brand of batteries, which hopefully are rechargeable.