The First 11 Minutes Of Resident Evil: Degeneration

Click to view Above, the first eight minutes of the upcoming Resident Evil CGI feature film, Degeneration. You'll get eight minutes of backstory and build-up, along with a certain...understanding. See, at TGS, they had this running right next to Resident Evil 5, on a big screen. And Resident Evil 5 looked better. A lot better. The stiff, bulky characters and animation on show here look more like a pre-rendered cutscene for a PS2 game than a 21st-century animation film. Ah well. It has zombies, it's Resident Evil, people will love it. After the jump, the 3-minute conclusion to the above scene, age-gated because there are eat-the-flesh-of-the-living bits. Click to view



Two comments..

Stupid ass kid running away from her guardian.. GO DUMB ASS KID! WOO! You musta been first in the class?

Secondly, the animation is stiff, which really surprises me.. was it a Japanese animation company that actually did this?

But none the less.. I will buy this. Probably watch it in Japanese with subtitles if that is an option, the speaking/emotions is usually better.