The Final Catherine Trailer is Nothing But Gameplay and Promo Bumper

With Atlus dropping Catherine into the laps of North American gamers next week, said gamers should familiarize themselves with these extended clips of block climbing to soften the shock of seeing it in your nightmares.

Catherine is sexy, sassy, scary, sure; it's also about climbing tons of blocks, sometimes being chased by creepy babies. It has its fair share of anime-style cut scenes, tons of scripted dialog, and the odd flash of skin, but once you've moved past that, you're Dr. Block Climby Guy of the Climby Guy Commandos.

And then there's a promo bumper. I assume they'll remove that bit after you've purchased the game.

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It's not just about the block climbing. The story is also a big deal.

You can actually steer the story (zomg a nonlinear Japanese game, who know) so please don't down play the story. I know that game play is a big deal and all but guiding the story is part of the game play as well and from what I've seen already it's a really deep and engaging story.

I know there is this mindset that games shouldn't have stories, well guess what if you think that you're a moron. Castrate yourself or jump off a cliff as to spare the gene pool and the next generation you and your ilk.

This game won't be for everyone and is not proof that Japanese games suck just because it's not a shooter and just because it's trying something new. Please don't assume that loathing verity somehow elevates you and yours to a higher moral plane.

And you know what, if it does turn out to be bad, then guess what? At least they tried something new and can learn from it. It is better to explore new ideas and grope about in the dark and discover new ways to do things than it is to lock yourself in a closet and shut out the wealth of possibilities.