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The Fastest Ocarina Of Time Player Beat His Own World Record

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Not content with his previous world-record speedrun of Ocarina of Time, noted speedrunner Cosmo Wright is now back with a faster, more impressive playthrough of Zelda—and you can watch it here.

The speedrun clocks in at eighteen minutes and fifty six seconds (EDIT: versus the previous record of 19:00 held by skater82297, and before that, Cosmo's own record run at 19:15), and just like last time, it's on a it's on a slightly faster version of the game. This speedrun is an "Any percentage" run, which, as the name suggests, accepts any percentage of completion. Other types of speedruns may disallow glitches or require you to get 100% completion, though contrary to popular belief, a glitchless or full percentage run is not harder/more "pure" than an any % run that utilizes glitches. All are valid! They're just different.


You can see how fast other speedrunners have completed Ocarina of Time in this specific type of run here—the next best run clocks in at nineteen minutes. Cosmo says his next goal is beating Ocarina in 18:45—we'll keep you updated on that, if/when it happens.