The Farmer Wants A Wife, Again - Famitsu Reveals New PSP Harvest Moon

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The ever-reliable Famitsu has the skinny on a new installment in cutesy farming saga Harvest Moon.


Bokujou Monogatari: Sugar Mura to Minna no Negai (Harvest Moon: Sugar Village and Everyone's Wish, but you don't need me to tell you that, I'm sure) casts you in the role of (surprise!) a young farmer. This time around, a goddess tasks you with saving a village that is in danger of being turned into a holiday resort using your awesome, er, farming powers.

It all sounds like an episode of The A-Team mashed up with The Grapes Of Wrath to me, but maybe that is no bad thing. Famitsu reckon the game will appear in Japan around the 9th of March.

New Harvest Moon for PSP revealed in Famitsu [PSP Updates]



I would like to go on record explaining that I adored the first Harvest Moon I ever was that cel shaded little one on the PS2 that all the hardcore HM fans didn't like. The problem I have had since, oh, 2002 is that none of the new HM games to come out have seemed compelling enough for me to re-visit the farm. No matter what silly name or odd premise, It's always going to be the same type of farming on the same type of farm with the same basic farmer. The only exception to this that I care about is Rune Factory, but it's unlikely to find a copy of that just laying around at the stores, now. This certainly sounds like it could expand on the gameplay, but I get the feeling it won't. The shame is that while that might bring in one or two gamers who still haven't enjoyed virtual farming, it just never makes a convincing argument for those of us who've had our fill to return.