The Fallout 4 Podcast Extravaganza

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Today on the podcast, we’re talking about the brand new role-playing game F4llout.


It’s a Fallout 4 extravaganza! Fallout superfan Patricia Hernandez joins us on this week’s episode of Kotaku Splitscreen to talk about her adventures in the wasteland. We’re talking guns, glitches, Bostonian accents, and how this game would just be so much better if you could mod the dog to be a golden retriever.

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Joakim Jonsson

Alright Jason, Kirk and Patricia. (Hi Patricia!) I was considering buying Fallout 4 today and enjoy my Firday with it and a bottle of red wine, maybe some candles. But now I’ve read so many things about it that makes me a bit unsure, and got me thinking maybe I should wait a bit. So I hope you guys will save me from this awful consumer dilemma.