The Fall And Fall Of Duke Nukem Forever

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The latest issue of Wired has a great piece by Clive Thompson on the death of Duke Nukem Forever, and the development studio it took with it.


There's little real news in the piece - after all, the demise of both DNF and 3D Realms has been well-documented - but not everything has to be about news.

Instead, the article does a great job of providing some context to the game's troubles, and the stories of the men who contributed most to its downfall. That and it has another amazing gaming illustration by Olly Moss.

Learn to Let Go: How Success Killed Duke Nukem [Wired]

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I don't know...

I would disagree with with a overt strive for perfection is what killed duke nukem forever.

I would argue that they were trying to make a game that had simply become irrelevant.

It would have been like trying to make a legit pacman remake for 2010. It just isn't possible. Games have moved past self implied inferiority complexes that somehow required the protagonist had to purposely fall into every single chauvinistic trope to avoid accidentally failing into those.

We've seen games that tried to take approach, and they all failed miserably. To be frank, the design talent required to make it work is nothing short of genius

It is no sin to fall short of genius, and rather then moving on and starting a new franchise, something I have no doubt the 3drealm had the talent and dedication to do, they forced themselves to bruteforce a concept which was simply all short of unreproducible.

Their comes a time in every games life where it just needs to be put down.

Failure to do so results in sonic 3d, having been kept alive by some dastardly nazi contraption that produces horrific frankstenien almagations, or those 3d pacmans of the early 2k's.

Perhaps it is better that nukem forever never came out, so he can always be nuking'em forever in our hearts!