The Extremely Limited Edition UK MGS4 Watch

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Isn't she lovely? This lovely Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots timepiece, now up for preorder at UK online retailer Gamestation, has been lovingly crafted using the finest stainless steel, engraved and numbered, and packed in a lovely black box with a silver MGS4 logo stamped on top along with a certificate of authenticity from Konami. Approved by Kojima himself, only 500 of these babies are being released on October 31st of this year, and they're only going to be available through Gamestation...who only ships to the UK, making me sad.


One of the team responsible for creating the limited edition dropped us a line to let us know that Gamestation accidentally put it up for order before the big announcement, so this would be an excellent time to order one before the rush. At £99.99 it makes an excellent gift for any member of the American gaming press sitting at their computer desk drooling over a watch.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Exclusive Watch [Gamestation Preorder Page - Thanks Dan!]



@Zaos: I sometimes liek to watch old game trailers for the game and pretend to be playing it! Yah, its that bad...

@Gray_F0x: BTW, Mechanized Suit Ninja sir, this watch is ->NOTHING<- compared to the things Sony has been making us in Euroland and PAL Brothers in Australia suffer.

Our PS3 are not PS2 hadware comaptible. Our MGS4 Bunldes come packaged with... a SH*T AXIS! Because when the rest of world already has Dual Shocks 3, we Eurolanders are gonna have to buy every single sh*taxis left in Sony's warehouses. So keep your watch, gimme equal treatment! LET EUROLAND BE FREE! AND AUSTRALIA, TOO! \o/