The ESA Nabs Crave, KOEI, and Playlogic

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The Entertainment Software Association continues to play "gotta catch 'em all" with small publishers, adding Crave, KOEI, and Playlogic to its ever-growing roster.


It still amazes me that the ESA has an ever-growing roster following the rash of companies leaving last year, but the ESA continues to take smaller publishers into the fold. Just last week they added Trion and XSEED in a double announcement, and now they score a triple play with Crave, KOEI, and Playlogic. Why so many new additions?

"Our growing membership is a reflection of the ESA's valued and successful work on the key public policy issues facing the entertainment software industry," said Michael D. Gallagher, CEO of the ESA. "Crave Entertainment, KOEI and Playlogic are key partners in leading that effort, and I am pleased to welcome them to the ESA."


To put it simply, smaller companies can benefit from the ESA's support, while the larger ones can handle things on their own.

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lol, I know some people at playlogic. They're doing ok atm, so I'm not surprised they're joining.