The Epic Rock Paper Scissors Game With a Batman Twist

From developer Massive Joe and The Batman cartoon producer / creative director Jeff Matsuda comes the most epic round of paper rock scissors ever committed to iOS — Age of Monsters.

Available today in the iTunes App Store, Age of Monsters — Rock Paper Scissors combines the simple game / decision-making process with the gorgeous artwork of Mr. Matsuda. He's created eight unique monsters to represent you and your friends in these three throw battles, with the winner walking away with the ability to call themselves the winner.


Massive Joe has included a training mode (in case the concept is beyond your comprehension), along with the ability to smack talk your friends and enemies when they lose ("Your hands suck!").

It's a little silly, sure, but it's pretty, and it's free, so who are we to complain? Oh yeah, we're the internet; complain away!

Age of Monsters — Rock Paper Scissors [iTunes]

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