World Cup, fancy hands-free motion-sensing controllers,the Big Three battling for console dominance—as it was at E3 2010, so it was at the annual gaming expo's predecessor, the Consumer Electronics Show 20 years ago.

While the graphics may have improved and the business boomed, 1UP's great retroactive look at 1990's equivalent of E3, the summer CES show in Chicago, shows that some things never change. Mario and Zelda were there in full force, as were experimental controllers like Brøderbund's U-Force and Konami's Laserscope.

Then, however, the big players were Nintendo, Sega and NEC, armed with Mario, Sonic and Bonk, respectively. Even Atari showed up! Oh, how I wish I could've liveblogged it...

See What 'E3' Was Like Twenty Years Ago [1UP]