The DuckTales Theme As An R&B Slow Jam

Barely a week after they brought you a jamming rendition of the Pokémon theme song, Scott Bradlee and co. are back at it with a cover of the iconic DuckTales intro. Here's the original for a point of comparison:

Now just imagine how much more laid back Scrooge McDuck would be if each of his adventures began the slow jam way.


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Kid Dynamite

Ummm. C- at best... and for anyone who would ask "Can you do better?" the short answer is "Yes, yes I most certainly can.". This is not really a Slow Jam at all anyway. It's like a weird blend of 70s Ron Burgundy Jazz, and some Lounge keyboard act, with meh vocals and random creepy looks. The woman has very good live pitch (I'm assuming this is not pitch corrected since I think that one condenser mic picked up the whole band), but her voice is abrasive, and she seems a little too confident to the point where it's not enjoyable. I do respect that they chose Ducktales for a cover, but in a world where so many people try to gain attention from covering cartoon or video game themes, you'd better bring the real deal goods.

In the past few years, Vomitron really takes the cake. That NES For The Wicked record is completely perfect besides the album art.

Thanks for the share regardless of my worthless opinion Yannick!