The DSi Gray Market

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While buying the DSi over the weekend (which, hey, we are giving away!), I was struck how pretty much all stores were running a very strict one-per-person policy. Yet, it should come as no surprised sellers hogging the DSi are popping up on Yahoo! Auctions. Game site Siliconera points to seller beikapx, who's got something like 50 DSis all on the auction block, all of course marked up. The seller's feedback isn't so hot, and folks don't seem to be biting. We have a feeling lots of shoppers got burned badly during DS Lite mania a few years back and maybe are more willing to wait until the portable becomes widely available. beikapx(849) [Yahoo! Auctions via Siliconera]


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Endless Fighter

BTW, what shove...,I mean launch titles are available?