​The Dream, And Horror, Of A Bacon-Scented Alarm Clock App

Nothing gets a red-blooded American going in the morning like the smell of bacon on a skillet. Unfortunately, actual bacon requires a fair bit of work to get started. What if you could set your alarm clock to wake you up with the simulated smell of bacon? What if, indeed.

I initially had a hard time believing that this Oscar Meyer bacon-scented smartphone attachment was a real thing, but the official website has me thinking otherwise. The rules state that 4,700 people who sign up and help the company promote their bacon will win "a bacon scent cell phone attachment," though Oscar Meyer reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value. Sounds like with a little luck, you really can make your phone smell like bacon every morning. (And if you want, right now you can download the app from iTunes, though without the attachment it only wakes you up with the sound of bacon.)


Sure, it's a promotional stunt for a company that, let's be honest, doesn't make the best bacon around. All the same, I'd love to try one of these, if only to see how many days it would take for my bacon-smelling sunrises to go from awesome to awful. The video makes it look like the dongle ejects a fine mist of artificial bacon-smell... which probably makes your room get kind of humid after a while... ew.

Side note: I like bacon and everything, but those bacon-roses are the most ghastly thing I've seen in a while.


[Via Geekologie]

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